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[Comments] (2) [Trackback URL for this entry] More Alligators?: Sometime early in the night, Dalton came running into our room, scrambled up on the bed and over me, and settled in on my pillow. Huh. I went in his room and got his alligator and elephant and let him sleep there. I didn't want to make him go back to his bed if he was afraid. John was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a cute little face, having not noticed Dalton come into our bed. Not surprising, since John ran 6 miles after we went to Disneyland yesterday, and since Dalton insisted on sleeping rightnexttotme the whole night.

Dalton still worries about alligators in the closet. When we put him to bed, we tell the alligators to go back to the zoo, then shut the closet door. That seems to work just fine. Last night I went into the kids' room to put some laundry away after they went to bed and I left the closet door open. Maybe that's what spurred my bedmate last night.

Also, Leonard commented previously about an alligator story about Dad, which he later emailed to me.

This was before Dad went into the hospital, but he didn't get out of bed much. One day he and I were the only ones home. He called me in and said "there's an alligator outside. chase it away." I was terrified because either a) Dad had finally gone totally crazy, or b) there was an alligator outside and I had to chase it away.

Well, I went and checked, and surprise, there was no alligator. So I told him this and he kind of nodded and went to sleep.

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More Alligators?


Posted by Rachel at Mon Aug 20 2012 00:59

That's pretty much a lose/lose situation there. Maybe Dalton can make friends with the alligators in his closet?

Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 20 2012 08:42

He's fine as long as the closet door is closed!

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