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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] Maggie the Medical Marvel: Today was a long-awaited pediatric dermatologist appointment for Maggie. She has white patches in a streak that started behind her knee and spread up and down her leg, showing up more and more as she tanned this summer. (That girl has some serious tan lines, by the way. No idea where she gets that from.)

The doctor took one look at it and said, oh that's Lichen Striatus. Rare, harmless, and will go away soon. Also, genetic, and the abnormal skin cells are formed in utero.

In related news, yesterday she was running around and whacked her head on an IKEA toy shelf. We went to the emergency room, which is right down the street, and an hour later we were home. Maggie screamed the whole time, so we opted for the hold-her-down-and-do-it-quick method. She's got three staples in the back of her head! Gross. Once the actual doctor part was over, she was fine. She even asked me which side of the head it was on. She did whine quite a bit about how it's going to hurt when they take the staples out. Hopefully she'll forget about that until we head to the doctor next week.

Also, she has to miss two swimming lessons, which is a bummer. Based on Dalton's lesson today, they'll both be level 3 by the time she gets back.

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Maggie the Medical Marvel


Posted by mom at Tue Aug 28 2012 20:46

I don't think it came through the Chadwick Family.

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