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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Incredible King Dalton:
Me: How do you ask nicely?
D: Like this: "I need to play dinosaur games." Like that.

Oh, Dalton. He loves to copy everything Maggie does, but I've noticed he's not really feeling it. Today she was scared to go to swimming lessons because she didn't want to go to the deep pool. So Dalton starting saying he was scared, too. Lessons came; Maggie talked her teacher into the shallow pool. Dalton's lesson is after hers and he dragged his teacher over to the deep pool, where kids his age don't usually go. He outsmarted himself, I think. (And swam great, by the way.)

I am almost done with his Incredibles Halloween costume. He is going to be so adorable. He's so adorable anyway. At the ward FHE at the park today, he went around handing out pinches of sand to everyone. Dozens of people got a bit of sand, thanks to Dalton. Nice of him to share.

Last night, he climbed into Maggie's bed to listen to Daddy read a story and the kids ended up sleeping in each others' beds. Which they found hilarious. In the morning, they collaborated on a bed with about 15 "guys" (stuffed animals (or cars, as the case may be)) and both of their pillows. Yep - they're sleeping together tonight. Maggie looks a little squished. We might have to move Dalton back to his bed.

Today he cried when we dropped Maggie off at Kindergarten. It might have been because I left him in the car, but when I asked if he was crying because he missed Maggie he said, "yes! I miss her!" We went to Target and he soon forgot all about it. When we left Target, he carefully stood up on the seat of the cart and waited for me to get him down, while yelling, "I'm King Dalton!" After Target we got a car wash. He giggled the whole time.

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