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Skip to My Mag: Today Maggie skipped almost the entire way (3/4 mile) to school. Later today she was telling me how her heart was "beeping" slow, but when she was skipping to school it was beeping fast.

Daltonisms: Dalton has started calling Maggie "Mags". He also calls me "Maggie" a lot, now that Maggie is gone during the day.

D N (the end)

A hort, a set, go! Maggie realizes this is wrong and occasionally corrects herself and says "on your bark."

On the bookmark phone: Hello? Once upon a time there was a cow. Hah! I said "a cow!"

I took the sheets off the kids' beds to wash them. Dalton went into his room and said, "which one is my bed??"

The Ouchie Show (Again):

Friend at the park: My daughter had music class yesterday and she told me she wants to be a music teacher now.
Me: How sweet! This morning Maggie asked if she could be on Wipeout when she gets big.

Luckily (for future Maggie, not for present-day Dalton) Maggie's moved on from being a contestant to a course designer. I posted some pictures of the DIY Ouchie Show the kids made today.


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