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[Comments] (1) Elephant Seals and Sand Dollars: This morning, Pat and I drove the kids up past Hearst Castle to see the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas. It's the height of birthing season and there were hundreds of seals lying on the beach - light-colored mamas, black babies and HUGE males. It was really interesting to watch, but it was realllly cold.

We had lunch (fish and chips for the kids!) with a view of the harbor seals and the rock. Then we went to the beach at Morro Rock and collected dozens of sand dollars in the low tide. The kids loved it. Maggie washed them all when we got home (Dalton was too grumpy after late nights playing with cousins and took a nap).

We had dinner with Shannon and Shaun at the golf club and the kids practically jumped into bed when we got back. Pictures from our trip to Los Osos.


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