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[Comments] (1) Taking a Step: My first semester at BYU I took a Career Exploration class. Since I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. In that class, we read a devotional given by John H. Groberg titled What Is Your mission? He says:

Start moving in some direction. Start doing something--take a course, go on a date, choose a major. Start somewhere, in some area about which you at least do not feel negative. If you feel negative about everything, start in the area about which you feel least negative. In other words, do not just sit and wait for a big revelation. Do not wait for a change, or a transfer, or a move, or a different situation. Start where you are, now.

I took this advice literally. I had the vaguest of interests in Psychology (hah!) so I declared that as my major and registered for appropriate classes. Even then, I knew that Psychology wasn't a very good major - you have to go to graduate school to make anything useful of it. However, I was taking a step.

Within a year, because of that step, two things happened that changed my life. First, I volunteered at the Utah State Hospital, and there discovered Recreational Therapy. I graduated with that degree and though I didn't work in the field very long, I loved it. And it's a useful degree.

The second thing was even more important. In a Social Psychology class, a group of students came in and did a brief presentation on the Romanian internship opportunity I ended up doing. Even just applying for that internship changed my life. It was a very volatile time of my life and this opportunity was something to hope for, something I wanted to do. Then, it was in Romania that I grew up, became grounded, developed my testimony, learned who I was, tested myself, and I came home less selfish, happier, and shining. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.

(As a side note, I took over the housing contract of a fellow intern the next summer, which is where I met John. So, we'll call that a third happy consequence.)

If you "desire to know your mission and calling in life" don't tread water. Don't wait for a change. Start where you are, now.


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