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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] Naggie and Tough People: I substituted in Maggie's Primary class a few weeks ago. I head her bragging about doing how she was going really big puzzles when she was little. She also told me that a boy in her class broke his leg and said, "He's a tough guy. I can tell." Of course, she also said that about an extremely overweight woman at Target; "That's the biggest, toughest girl I ever seen", she repeated multiple times (the woman did not hear, luckily).

She has a friend with autism. His mom said he does well when he is told how to play and what to do. Not surprisingly, they make a good pair. After a playdate, his mom told me he talked about Maggie a lot - but was calling her "Naggie." hahaha!

Having asked me a difficult question and listening to my pause, she said, "Because that's the way the world works?" Guess I've said that a few times.

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Posted by Erin at Tue Oct 09 2012 12:02

Love it!! Great story, thanks for sharing :)

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