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[Trackback URL for this entry] Sneaky Daddy (and Mean Mommy): Last night Dalton wanted to go to bed in our bed. So I tucked him in and went downstairs. John went up to snuggle with Dalton and a few minutes later, little feet pitter-pattered down the stairs.

D: I'm not tired anymore.
Me: Well, you can either go in your bed, or go snuggle Daddy.
D: Um... nobody? (he says this for "nothing", or in this case, "Those options suck, Mom.")
Me: It's bedtime. You can go to bed, or you can snuggle Daddy.
D: Um... go to bed?
Me: Ok, let's go.

I sent Dalton to get into his bed and went to get his guys* from our bed. John was still resting there.

Me: Dalton says he's not tired anymore.
John: I know. I told him to go play with Mommy. I can't believe he fell for it!

*Dalton calls his stuffed animals "guys".

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