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Breakfast Time!: The other morning, while we were still in bed, Dalton came in carrying a huge jug of Naked Juice. He'd gone downstairs and gotten it from the fridge and carried it back up. What a silly boy! I couldn't stop laughing.

[Comments] (1) Maggie Smarty Pants: John and I met with Maggie's Kindergarten teacher for parent-teacher conference today. We had to deal with such issues as Maggie speaking too quietly, not quite holding her pencil correctly and.... nope, that's about it.

Surprisingly enough, Maggie is very bright. She's already met the end-of-year benchmark for recognition and reading. She appears to have outgrown some of the bossiness she showed in preschool, probably because the K class is so much larger. She's a role model of good behavior and she helps others and is friends with everyone.

Also, she's in the Snowy Owl reading group (they call it that so it's harder for the kids to compare themselves) with 4 other girls. The teacher referred to them as "rock stars." She said the reading book she sent home last week was more difficult than the end-of-year benchmark reader. My rock star can read and sound it out great. The goal with the Snowy Owls is to keep them challenged.

Her journals are so cute. She does one at home once a week, but the teacher gave us a bunch that were done in class.
I sumrsalt.
I see a brtheda. (the day of Dalton's party)
snak (snake)
big eartH little teeth
The one she did at home this week was: I see my wit tent.
I'll have to scan some and put them on the picture blog, because her illustrations are just as adorable.

John's comment is that we just need to teach her to be self-motivated and to work hard, so she doesn't get lazy with her smarts. And seriously, she needs to practice speaking louder and fixing that pencil grip!


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