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Some Imagination, Huh?: Dalton's imagination has really taken off lately. It started with him handing out pretend honey in line for Winnie-the-Pooh, and turning everything slightly vertical into Splash Mountain for whatever toy he happened to be holding.

This week, he's been pretending to be a kitty or a doggie. Kind of cute, seeing him crawling around meowing. Today he set up a pillow store for me to shop at.

The neat thing is that these are all things he's done independent of Maggie, as opposed to serving up the same pretend soup that she does.

What I Did Today: Because there's no one here to ask me.

I finished off yesterday's To Do list, which included mending Dalton's Halloween costume and vacuuming. We had gymnastics before school. They did [modified] handstands, vaulting, cartwheels, forward rolls, balance beam, and backward rolls in the obstacle course today. The kids just love the class, and they are so adorable doing it. Poor Dalton doesn't understand half the directions, and poor Maggie looks so knobbly-kneed and inflexible. But they love it! They can both do the backward rolls on the ramp alone.

Immediately after dropping Maggie off, Dalton and I went to the Toyota dealership to see what they had to say about the latest recall. Dalton remembered that the Toyota dealership in Utah had free popcorn. This one did not, but they did offer him some cookies, and he was happy to play games on my phone the whole time. I got a free car wash out of the deal, at least.

We had lunch when we got home. That is, I had lunch and Dalton refused to eat. He finally decided to eat his sandwich a couple hours later after I refused to give him any "trick-or-treats" or marshmallows until he did. We picked Maggie up and she had her favorite after school snack of apple slices, peanut butter, and marshmallows, made into a spooky Halloween mouth.

Maggie did homework while Dalton and I did some train activities (this week's home preschool theme). Then we played upstairs in Baby's room. I cleaned some stuff out of the closet, vacuumed out the carseat, let the kids try out the bouncer... *nest*

The baby toys distracted the kids until dinnertime. After dinner, Maggie picked out three books to read so we could fill up her reading log for the month (of course, we have to start a new one for the next 8 days!). After reading, Maggie wanted to play "Easter". She (I mean Rabbit) hid some eggs around the house for Dalton to find. I didn't realize she had filled them with Halloween candy! They played Easter a couple more times, then we cleaned up their room and got jammies on. Then we spent some time drawing jack-o-lantern faces on the balloons from Dalton's birthday. Maggie got the jack-o-lantern felt puzzle and let Dalton design a face that she then drew on the orange balloon, with great pomp, after he went to bed. I told her she couldn't use the permanent marker without me watching and after she drew for a few minutes she said, "Mommy, you're not watching me!" Turns out, she'd just rubbed her hand on the balloon while drawing. She was very concerned because I made a big deal about the marker not coming off (I made her color on the floor, not on the bed) but it mostly washed off her hand.

Now my kids are snug in bed and it's almost my bedtime. Poor John has another late, late night. Luckily, he'll have 2 weeks paternity leave soon. I might have to hide his laptop, though.


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