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[Comments] (1) The Tall and Stop of It: Maggie noticed a couple walking and pointed out that the man was taller. He was really tall, maybe that's what she found odd. I pointed out that most men are taller and she said, "Yeah, but now grandma is taller than grandpa because he don't know how to walk."

Driving around Aunt Pat's neighborhood in the dark a couple weekends ago, Maggie said, "I thought that stop sign was Daddy!" Now they call stop signs "Daddies" everywhere we go. Look, a daddy! There's a daddy over there!

Ketchup and Waffles: "I want to go to Poscoke." (Costco) He pretends to drive to Costco and IKEA on his ride-on car, too.

Dalton has started asking why. Five times in a row. I can only boil down 3 or 4 whys. After that, it's too complex.

"Look! I see wum lake!" He says "one" instead of "a".

"A blue pretzel!" (sprinkle) He also says ketchup instead of syrup. You know, for waffles. Yuck.

Maggie and I convinced Dalton that the silver and blue sneakers were Star Tours shoes, so he would get over not getting the shiny silver and neon green light-up shoes with shark teeth (eew). Except now he thinks he is tall enough to go on Star Tours, with his new shoes.

More imaginative Dalton: One day, Winnie-the-Pooh went to school with us to pick up Maggie. He drove a purple car there, and a green car home. He was very careful to hold hands in the parking lot.


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