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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] The Tall and Stop of It: Maggie noticed a couple walking and pointed out that the man was taller. He was really tall, maybe that's what she found odd. I pointed out that most men are taller and she said, "Yeah, but now grandma is taller than grandpa because he don't know how to walk."

Driving around Aunt Pat's neighborhood in the dark a couple weekends ago, Maggie said, "I thought that stop sign was Daddy!" Now they call stop signs "Daddies" everywhere we go. Look, a daddy! There's a daddy over there!

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Posted by Mom at Tue Oct 30 2012 12:00

We got a kick out of Maggie's thoughts on short and tall. Grandpa can now stand and walk a little. When he stands he's taller than Grandma. Love you Maggie.

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