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[Comments] (1) Naggie and Tough People: I substituted in Maggie's Primary class a few weeks ago. I head her bragging about doing how she was going really big puzzles when she was little. She also told me that a boy in her class broke his leg and said, "He's a tough guy. I can tell." Of course, she also said that about an extremely overweight woman at Target; "That's the biggest, toughest girl I ever seen", she repeated multiple times (the woman did not hear, luckily).

She has a friend with autism. His mom said he does well when he is told how to play and what to do. Not surprisingly, they make a good pair. After a playdate, his mom told me he talked about Maggie a lot - but was calling her "Naggie." hahaha!

Having asked me a difficult question and listening to my pause, she said, "Because that's the way the world works?" Guess I've said that a few times.

[Comments] (1) Dalton Copies Mom and More:
Running by as I cut out a pattern on the floor: Don't cut my feet! That would be very ouchie.
Not being naughty: That's not a toy. and That's not safe.

Dalton, finding himself stranded on a large rock at the park called out, "Hey dad, come here! It's me, Dalton."

As we were leaving the grocery store, Dalton asked me, "which one is grandma and grandpa's car?" What? "Your" Grandma and Grandpa?" I asked. "My friend," he replied. Aha. An old man in an electric cart was chatting him up at the grocery store, and apparently left quite an impression.


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