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J is for John: Of course! I had to write a post about my awesome husband. Here are 10 things that make me grateful for John.

1. He is thoughtful. He brought me donuts last night! You can't go wrong with a guy who brings home donuts.
2. He is a great daddy. Lately, all the kids want to do is play "silly alligator game" with Daddy. Watch him play.
3. He is talented. Right now he is practicing the piano for Primary and I love hearing him play every night!
4. He is a hard worker. Sometimes he works too hard at his job, but he's very good at it.
5. He's hilarious. Seriously. And he's silly.
6. We are on the same page financially. It's nice not to be married to someone who can't control money.
7. We are on the same page politically. At least there was someone I agreed with this week!
8. We like to do the same things. Go for walks, enjoy the outdoors, Disneyland.
9. He bakes good cookies.
10. He makes pretty babies (as my mom would say). Further proof forthcoming.

Also thankful for: job security.


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