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K is for Kitchen: This is a bit silly, and I did already write about how thankful I am for our house. Our kitchen isn't anything fancy. It's actually kind of run-down. But it's efficient, and there's enough space. I like having a gas stove again.

Today I made a double batch of pretzels, lemon bars, and taco soup. I'm glad it's soup season because soup is so easy to make! It only took 10 minutes, then we just reheated after church. I got all of this done this morning before church, since we got up nice and early with daylight savings. I've been meaning to make lemon bars for several days, but by the time I have time, my energy is sapped. So it was nice to get it done first thing in the morning.

I always say that I like to cook but I don't like to have to cook. I much prefer doing it on my own time rather than "what's for dinner?" every.single.night.


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