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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] M is for Maggie: Miss Maggie... what would I do without my Maggie girl? Life would be a lot quieter and more simple, that's for sure! She's very kind and likes to make friends. She recently won an award in her class for one of the school values - Integrity. She makes up lots of new games and is very imaginative. When the kids play on the slide, she makes up a different name for each slide she does. "This is the pretzel slide!" as she goes with her legs crossed.

She's starting to be more independent - a few years behind Dalton. She threw a fit the other day because she couldn't do her own ponytail (something she'd never attempted before). At least she can do her own seatbelt and open the car door and other useful things like that. She's also more useful about doing things like, "run upstairs and get me such-and-such." Maggie is very smart and is getting really good at writing her letters, sounding out words, and reading sight word books. Her drawings are amazing, too, as school encourages lots of different colors and details.

She loves to snuggle ("Is it morning yet?" she asks way too early every morning) but her definition of snuggling is noisy and thrashy and pokey. But I love her anyway.

M is for Modern Day: Our garage door is broken, with our cars trapped inside. Nothing like that to make you appreciate modern day conveniences!

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