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N is for Naps: Which will soon be part of my life again. It's been over a year since I had a child who napped! Most moms say something like "I'm sorry" upon finding out that Dalton stopped napping at age 2 (mostly due to the 12 hour time difference when we moved back to Utah, I think). But really, it's been great. I don't have to plan around him at all.

However, unlike toddler Maggie, toddler Dalton will probably actually let ME nap when the baby naps. Bonus nap time!

41: Saturday was our 41st trip to Disneyland since we got our annual passes. 41 doesn't sound like a significant number (unless by "significant" you mean BIG) but it's actually the number of times we went the entire year the first time we got annual passes! Since we've had these passes for exactly 6 months... yeah, that's a lot of Disneyland.

I'll be taking a Disney break soon, but at the rate this baby is coming out (not) we may squeeze in one more trip.


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