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[Comments] (1) R is for: Rachel. Leonard got a post, so here's one for my favorite sister. Even though she "forgets" that there's an 8 hour time difference and 6,000 miles between us and texts me at 3 am, I still love her. Maybe even more, because it's so fun to text my sister! What is the world coming to that we can text overseas? Awesome.

Rachel is a great auntie and sends fun presents for the kids. She drags kitties over to say "hi" on Facetime. Just like a sister, she's great for complaining to. Like Leonard, she lives somewhere cool. The kids love seeing bits of London on Mary Poppins, or on rides at Disneyland (it's a small world, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride etc). If they hear London mentioned in a song they will yell, "they said 'London!'"

When she visits, we give each other pedicures and she's a great feet-rubber. She holds new babies for me so I can take a shower. She finds clearance deals for me at Target. There's nothing like a sister to always be there for you!

R is for Responsibility: There's something to be said for taking care of yourself and your family, paying your own bills, and making your own way. I love that good feeling of accomplishment and self-reliance.


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