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[Comments] (1) S is for Sienna June: I figured if we had a girl that could be my S post. I really expected a boy but here she is! Baby Sienna June arrived on November 19th at 4:28 pm after an induced labor similar to Dalton's - slow, slow, slow, that was fast, start pushing, STOP, get the doctor in here now we're having a baby!

She was 7 lb 14 ounces and has lots of dark hair. Her eyes are medium blue, she has a little Maggie nose and the cutest mouth I've ever seen. She's very sleepy. We haven't seen her eyes open much but are pretty sure she doesn't have the big Richardson eyes Dalton gets comments on all the time. She also definitely does not have my fingers. Her hands look much more like Grandma June's (!) that Grandma Rosie's.

Sweet baby girl is going to fit in great in our family. I think Dalton is going to be a great big brother and Maggie loves babies. I also have a feeling Sienna will be more of a princess and girly girl than Maggie. We shall see!

[Comments] (1) T is for Tomorrow: Tomorrow I am going home with my new baby girl. I get to snuggle my big kids and sleep in my own bed and enjoy newborn, do nothing goodness. But I'm also thankful for the greater tomorrow. All the wonderful future plans I have, from Christmas in California this year, to retirement and traveling with John. And speaking of travel ...

T is for Travel: I love traveling. We thought we'd be done for a while after all the traveling we did in India. Not so much. Maggie asked a few months ago when we're going on an airplane again. Well, it's going to be a while, but we do have lots of travel plans for the future! With our move this summer, and all the traveling John was doing for work, we sort of missed out. But we love to see new places and new cultures and enjoy the outdoor world. So, more travel, coming up!

T is for Toilet paper: Seriously. And I mean American toilet paper, not wax paper or crepe paper like some places use.

T is for Thanksgiving: Not my favorite holiday and not my favorite food, but it is always good to get together with family and have thankfulness in our hearts.

T is for Temple: I made it to the temple twice in my last couple weeks of pregnancy and it's a good thing because it's even more difficult to go with a newborn. It's always nice to get to the temple, put aside all the every day cares and focus on ehat's really important. Sometimes that may be an every day care we need help with, but I always get a new perspective on it.


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