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W is for Walks: We love taking walks together! This is one of our favorite family activities. We all go together. Before church on Sundays, or we go for a "hike" on a Saturday. The kids are getting scooters for Christmas (shhhh!) so we don't hear fighting over the stroller or complaints when we don't bring it. I especially love walks with just John and I, but those are not frequent enough. It's a great time we can have to actually talk to each other.

W is for Wellness: We brought Sienna home to a houseful of germs but she appears to avoided catching anything - so far. John has been sick with the world's most awful cold, missing out on baby snuggling and wasting his paternity leave being sick. Being sick makes Maggie extra grumpy and ornery, too. Not to mention bossy. I'm thankful I've managed to escape with a little cold.

X is for: Exercise... Which I hope to do again soon.

Extermination... Cause I hate spiders.

Exceeded Expectations of new babiness, big siblings, sleep and more.


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