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Sienna's First Week: Sienna is already a week old! We haven't done much this week, but Sienna has done even less. I forgot how much newborns sleep. Monday she was awake for well over an hour and that was by far the longest she'd been awake. At night she sleeps 3-4 hours so I try to feed her every 2 hours during the day. She pretty much wakes up to eat and falls asleep nursing. She has a hard time going back to sleep on the occasions she does stay awake.

Other than driving in the car to take Grandma to the airport, her first outing was to the doctor on Saturday. We also made a quick trip to the grocery store after and she slept the whole time. At the doctor, Sienna weighed in at 7 lb 13 oz. almost back up to her birth weight at just five days! They even said I don't need to bring her back until 6 weeks unless we have questions.

The bad thing about this week is that John has been really sick and has not had his fair share of baby snuggles. Plus, with John being home and taking the big kids to do fun things, and their own germs, the kids haven't spent much time with Sienna. Dalton did discover, upon waking up before everyone else one morning, that a breast feeding mommy is a captive audience. And also she has snacks. The kids like to grab their stool from the bathroom and bring it in Sienna's room so they can watch her in the crib or on the changing table. Maggie showed Sienna everything she brought home from school, and read some stories to her.

Sienna's hair is so long and soft. Both of our other babies had hair, much to our surprise, but Sienna has even more. I love feeling it, especially after I wash it.

I seem to be recovering very well from Sienna's birth. I got an epidural before my contractions really started hurting, so labor wasn't very painful. Breastfeeding seems to be easier and hurt less than with the other two. Not that it doesn't hurt, because it does. And that girl sure can sleep! I won't complain about getting up twice in the night, for now at least.

But I will complain about my pained tailbone, my miserably aching back and, now, a cold! Add the exhaustion to that and it's no fun at all. I hope most of that clears up before John goes back to work next week and I have to start functioning again.

Also, I realize she is now nine days old. It took me two nights to tap all this out on my iPhone.


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