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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] More Thanks: A few more miscellaneous things I'm thankful for.

Nice, hot showers. When we came home from India I said I'd never take a nice hot shower for granted again. That actually lasted about 8 months - maybe our shower here isn't as nice as the one in Utah. But I'm back to fully appreciating showers again. I think I actually fell asleep a little bit in the shower last night but that might have been more about forgetting to take a nap.

Tap water. Last night I heard John rinse out a culinary the sink, then fill it with a drink and I thought "Wait! Dry out the yucky India wat... Oh wait...". It's really nice to be able to rinse my mouth out after brushing teeth again. Not to mention the sanitizing power of my dishwasher and washing machine.

My iPhone. I seriously love this thing. I love having everything all in one place - my calendar, notes, email. Plus, it's awesome for being up in the night with Sienna (like right now). I can read scriptures or conference talks, play sudoku, chat with Rachel or blog! I'd rather be sleeping, but it beats sitting here.

My sweet snugly silly kids. I already wrote about them, but they get bonus. Nothing like a little towhead who wants to snuggle and read stories!

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