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[Comments] (2) Thankful A to Z: I'm not really comfortable posting daily Thankfuls on my Facebook page, because I think it's a little too personal for random people to see. But since no one reads my blog, it's probably ok to do it here! I am borrowing the idea Jill is using this year and doing a daily-ish thankful alphabetically throughout November. Theoretically. I'll be in the hospital some of that time. I haven't been posting daily, but I have been thinking on this in the evenings.

A is for America: It's not India. That's all I need to say.

B is for Baby: I love being pregnant! I hope it's not our last one. Once the throwing up is over, and I start feeling little baby kicks, I think it's so awesome to be carrying a little person inside of me. Of course, I also can't wait for him/her to come out and meet us!

C is for California: California is awesome. The weather is great, the atmosphere is great, the diversity is great. We love our house and our area and our ward. I'm so glad we moved back.

D is for Dalton: Oh, how I love that boy. He is the sweetest thing. He is silly and adorable and smart and charming. What more could a mama ask for in a little man?



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