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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] 2 Weeks: Sienna had a two week appointment this morning. She gained 11 ounces in the last 9 days and is now 8 1/2 pounds! She's just a happy little eater, I guess. She's been sleeping about 4 1/2 hours at night.

Today is also John's first day back at work (not that he wasn't working at home last week). He got the kids breakfast and settled watching a show before he left this morning, so I was still able to sleep in. Sienna was actually a good sleeper last night, but I was ridiculously unable to go back to sleep after her 4:30 feeding. Ugh.

Anyway. I bought some newborn sized clothes and now she has clothes that fit and I got her dressed. See the latest cuteness on our picture blog.

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Posted by Mom at Mon Dec 03 2012 19:51

Love the pics on the blog. I miss Sienna and the kids. Sienna looks so big. I'm glad she is doing so well.

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