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[Comments] (2) Coincidence.: Today we resumed our Sunday morning walk around the lake/feed the ducks outing. We ran into a family with a little girl wearing the same shirt Maggie had on. We noticed it and waited for Maggie to notice. They looked at each other, then ran in opposite directions. Maggie ran up and grabbed my hand saying, "I love you! I know! I'm ready to go to the car! Let's go to the car! I love you, mommy!" etc etc as we kept on walking. John and I couldn't stop laughing. Her cheeks were pink and she was holding on to me so adorably. She calmed down after a few minutes and said, "That were a coincidence." Yes, it was.

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Posted by Rachel at Mon Dec 03 2012 02:06

haha poor maggie! How funny! Did she think you were going to trade her in for another model?


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