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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Winter Beach Outing: You might have thought that with a November birthday, Sienna would have made it more than a month without seeing the ocean. Not so. John had the brilliant idea to take advantage of a warm Winter Break day and do a beach trip. Today seemed warm enough, so off we went to Newport Beach. We had a great time. Other than a few toe dips, we mostly played in the sand. Maggie hunted for shells, Dalton threw sand, and John started a giant hole, which ended up nearly as deep as Dalton is tall.

Sienna seemed to enjoy her first trip to the beach, or at least she didn't hate it. She slept, looked around, nursed, slept. The same things she does at home. It was in the low 60s. The kids wore shorts. We all got a little pink (except Sienna who was mostly covered). And we had plenty of time to play at the playground after.

M: That was a really fun lake.
Me and John: ...
Me: Maggie, that was the Pacific Ocean.
John: It's the biggest ocean in the world.

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