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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Christmas Prep: On Christmas Eve, Rachel watched Maggie and Dalton while John, Leonard and I took Sienna to her first movie, The Hobbit. She was so well-behaved! She nursed, took a long nap, nursed again (it was a long movie).

I really liked the movie, even though it's been far too long since I read the book. Some of the songs were really fun and well-performed and I thought the actor who played Bilbo did a great job.

After lunch, we all went to the park and to put our feet in the hot tub. The kids ended up taking their clothes off and swimming in their underwear. It was all fun and games until Dalton fell of a step and John had to get in with his clothes on and rescue him.

Santa came (though it's 5:45 am and the kids don't know it yet). He was smart enough to preassemble gifts before dropping them off at our house, unlike many other parents I see posting on Facebook. Of course, our kids aren't snoopers, so we're allowed to get away with some things other parents may not be.

Looking forward to the bustle of a Christmas morning with two kids who know what's going on. And maybe getting another hour's sleep first.

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