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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Christmas is Here: What a lovely Christmas that ended with snuggling my lovely baby. I guess it started that way, too. Maggie got into bed with us (both the kids are sleeping on the floor in our room while Leonard and Rachel are here) at 7:30 and played Angry Birds with John for an hour before even asking to go downstairs. And it wasn't presents she was after when she did ask - it was breakfast.

It took the kids a while to notice their scooters because Santa left them in the entry way and they were busy being amazed at the bulging stockings and the presents that had multiplied under the tree (we had to wrap half the stocking stuffers, as always). Maggie acted embarrassed and shy, I guess that Santa had actually given her what she wanted. After a few rides around the kitchen, the kids got busy with their stockings. They had treats, toothbrushes (and socks and clippies, which Maggie also asked Santa for) but not too much "stuff".

We had a yummy breakfast, premade by Leonard the night before, then dug into the presents. We made the mistake of not labeling some of them, which added to the fun (some of the stocking stuffers were misplaced as well). Rachel brought tons of books for the kids, including some sticker books, dinosaur books, and London taxi and London bus books, and a London underground train for Dalton. Leonard bought both of the kids shirts at the natural history museum. A PINK dinosaur shirt! Dalton's glows in the dark. Very cool. We got the kids Disney prints to hang above their beds. Maggie got Winnie-the-Pooh and Dalton got Dumbo, although Maggie says she likes Dalton's better. They also got Angry Birds shirts, a train tunnel for their train set,and some other miscellany. We tried not to buy them too much, and I think we succeeded, for once.

I got a long-sleeved shirt I love, new socks I needed, a cute little penguin purse, fancy sea salt, lots of candy, Amazon Mom membership, and really, super awesome, big, soft TOWELS. I think John is a bit embarrassed to have gotten me such an unromantic gift as towels, but they are exactly what I wanted and I LOVE them.

Sienna did not get a single Christmas present and she didn't seem to mind one bit.

We went swimming in the afternoon, since our trip to the hot tub yesterday was such a success. The kids played in the kiddie pool for nearly an hour, then we headed to the hot tub until Sienna woke up. I love California.

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