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[No comments] This Year: 2012 started on a low note. We'd recently found out about my miscarriage, and I had surgery on the 9th. Our kids were sick the entire month of January. John's back and health problems started in March and continue still. Dalton got stitches. Maggie cracked her head open and got a staple.

Topping the list of good things that happened this year is Sienna. She's awesome, just the perfect little addition to our family. Next come the hilarious things Maggie and Dalton did and said this year. Those kids are so funny! Moving back to California was pretty great. We love our new house, location, ward, school etc. And, you know, Disneyland.

Not as much travelling as 2011 (hah!) but we did some. Two trips to California (Disneyland!), plus the move which included a stay in Las Vegas. We went to Moab - Arches and Dead Horse Point. Los Osos twice. Lots of SLC staycation stuff (CA staycation will begin when our Disney passes expire). And 50 trips to Disneyland. Fifty.

Some favorite memories:
Maggie saving our flip flops from the wrath of the Pacific Ocean.
Space Camp for Maggie and staycation for Dalton
Riding a surrey at Newport Beach
Maggie swimmingunder water for the first time
Dancin' with Disney (and Kyli!)
Olympic rythmic dancing
Mickey's Halloween Party

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