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[Comments] (1) Everybody Clean Up: Last night I told myself I'd clean off the kitchen counters (ie. catchall) before I went to bed. So I did, and you know what? It really only took 2 minutes. I always say, "well, I can just take that next time I go downstairs" or "I'll put that in the car next time I go out" but when I just went and did it right then, it looked so much nicer!

Today John and I did a little shopping and went out to lunch for Valentine's Day. We went to CPK, and only paid $15 since we had a gift card. Yum! We also popped into a party store that we always just walk by - wow! They had everything from individual colored M&Ms to 48-packs of dinosaurs. They also had tux rentals and a life-size cutout of G.W. Bush. I was looking online for somewhere to buy food coloring for Maggie's birthday and I couldn't find anything, but they had that, too. I'll definitely be going back.

After we picked the kids up from Grandma & Grandpa's, we went to the park. Since it's 60 degrees. I told John, "I think we got more snow last winter before we left for India (on Dec. 4) than we have this whole winter."


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