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[Comments] (1) Everybody Clean Up: Last night I told myself I'd clean off the kitchen counters (ie. catchall) before I went to bed. So I did, and you know what? It really only took 2 minutes. I always say, "well, I can just take that next time I go downstairs" or "I'll put that in the car next time I go out" but when I just went and did it right then, it looked so much nicer!

Today John and I did a little shopping and went out to lunch for Valentine's Day. We went to CPK, and only paid $15 since we had a gift card. Yum! We also popped into a party store that we always just walk by - wow! They had everything from individual colored M&Ms to 48-packs of dinosaurs. They also had tux rentals and a life-size cutout of G.W. Bush. I was looking online for somewhere to buy food coloring for Maggie's birthday and I couldn't find anything, but they had that, too. I'll definitely be going back.

After we picked the kids up from Grandma & Grandpa's, we went to the park. Since it's 60 degrees. I told John, "I think we got more snow last winter before we left for India (on Dec. 4) than we have this whole winter."


Posted by Mom at Sun Feb 12 2012 18:21

You are right about the amount of snow this year compared to last.


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