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[Comments] (1) First Stitches for Dalt: Dalton got his first stitches last night, after tripping down the porch steps and getting his sunglasses smashed into his face by the cement. I think this event proves how abnormally well-behaved and laid back Dalton is. He only cried about 2 minutes after he first hit his head, then was perfectly fine. I took him to the urgent care, but they sent me to Primary Children's. They mumbled something about possible brain injury, but the urgent care can't sedate and I think they just didn't want to stitch up an unsedated 2 year old.

Primary Children's didn't end up sedating him anyway. He was so calm they decided to try it with just the shots. They just straight-jacketed him with a pillow case, wrapped him up like a burrito, and had a nurse hold his head while they gave him a couple shots and stitched him up. Oh, and they put on Toy Story and brought someone in to blow bubbles (seriously). He actually almost cried at one point, then I suggested busting out the bubbles and that worked. He kicked at them with his feet while the doctor finished stitching.

The head ER guy kept thanking me for letting them do it without sedation (I guess some moms can't stand to watch their kid be awake while being poked?) and for not making them do a CT scan when he was obviously fine.

Goodbye, Sis: Speaking of Dalton. One of his first words was "iss", although it took us a while to figure out he was saying "Sis" for "Sissy". He called Maggie that exclusively for nearly a year. Until last week. He called her Maggie once, twice, and then completely dropped the "Sis."

Maggie started calling Dalton "Dalt and Tin". Recently, this lead to Daddy being called "Daddy Tin" which is super cute.


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