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Family Time: We're packing in lots of family time before we move. We started this weekend with a trip to the Provo Cemetery, then went up to the cabin via the Alpine Loop. Most everyone else came up Monday for BBQ-ing and work. Brook took us Jeeping. Dalton loved driving through the river so fast a bit of water splashed in through the roof.

Today I took the kids to the farm. Then in the afternoon, we met Erin and Ember at the aquarium. Immediately after that, we got Japanese food with Dave and Jamie, then met most of the other adults at the Draper temple to do sealings. I found a stack of family names in my bag, so we ended up doing those. Embarrassingly, when I picked them up at the office and they asked what name they were under, it was my maiden name! Those cards had been sitting around a long time, but we got them all done.


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