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The Great Salt Lake: I like to pretend I'm not going to miss much about Utah. But one thing I will miss is outings with my cousin Jill. We have done all kinds of stuff together over the past few years, including a visit to Kennecott Copper Mine last week and an upcoming trip to the zoo. Today was our third trip to the Great Salt Lake. Dalton was throwing up all morning, so he stayed behind. I picked up Jill and Kristan and we drove out to Saltair.

This was our most successful lake adventure. Kristan and I floated in the water, Maggie played in the mud, Jill took pictures. The water level had risen considerably since our last visit to Saltair 3 years ago, so we did not have to walk a mile to get to the water line. Also, there were very few bugs and the water was very warm. Saltair itself is pretty trashy, but I highly recommend this beach. Also, it's free. Two years ago, we went to Antelope Island with a bunch of my cousins and my aunt Sharon. The water was much colder there, it's a longer drive, and it's $9 to get in. I remember Sharon held Dalton while we swam and he cried the whole time.

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