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The Hunt is On: John and I have begun the search for a place to live in CA. Mostly John. He's even taking care of all the phone calls to realtors, which is awesome. We've found quite a variety in our price range, close to work, close to schools (in the good district), close to the grocery store, close to parks (since we don't want a yard). In four days, we're driving down to see what we can in person, make a choice, and of course invest in Disneyland annual passes.

I'm so excited to move! We've been getting rid of tons of stuff. We made three trips to the DI containers when they were at our stake last week, and we already piled up more in the garage since. We're downsizing, which basically means cutting out all the space in our house that we currently don't use. And less "herding" needed. Not looking forward to packing, but everything else is going to be great.


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