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[Comments] (1) Good Morning, World (of Color): We finally went to see "World of Color" last night. We went all out, since we're probably never going to go again. John got a gift card from work, so we used it to buy the picnic lunches with viewing tickets. The kids got a light up spinner toy in theirs, which thrilled them. We went later in the day, enjoyed the parade and a few rides first, so we weren't too worn out. Dalton actually stayed awake for the show. We thought the show was pretty cool, but would have been better if it was more cohesive. Both of the kids' favorite part was a 2-second Dumbo clip.

We got home after 10 with both kids asleep in the car. They woke up at their usual time this morning and played in their room for a few minutes. Then they came into our room, holding hands with one "guy" each (Maggie limited Dalton on how many he could bring). "We came to snuggle!" and they climbed right in. I love having a king-sized bed.

[Comments] (1) Wiggle Bum: This baby is very wiggly. Wiggly baby is my favorite part of being pregnant, and it's especially reassuring after a miscarriage. However, I had my first painful kick yesterday - at 20 weeks! I think I might be in for a rough 20-22 more. Pretty much every time I lie down or sit down, it seems like I feel someone moving in there. I'll enjoy it while I can.


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