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[Comments] (1) Maggie Ventriloquist: I have a couple Maggie quotes, so I guess I'll write all about her, too! Today we gave Maggie a punishment for her behavior yesterday (whining in the car, tantrum in the bath, kicking my seat, etc). Her punishment was that she could not ride in the stroller at all at Disneyland. Not only did she not complain about it, she didn't once ask to be carried. I think the Disneyland whining was at an all time low. Amazing!

Maggie loves talking to herself. LOVES it. Every since she first admitted a couple months ago that she lies in bed talking to herself, she's started doing it more and more. She used to come home from a busy day and want to play dinosaurs or something. Now she just talks to herself. She also runs around the room. Runs to the stairs and flops on them. Runs back to the couch and flops on it. Runs between the chair in our room and the bean bag in her room, flopping and talking to herself. Sometimes Little Piggy goes with her on these trips. Maybe we need to expend a little more energy at the park?

This week she's been staying up over an hour talking to herself, telling stories or whatever in bed. So the past two nights I gave her the option of watching one Dinosaur Train episode and talking to herself for just a couple minutes, or going to bed when Dalton goes to bed and talking all she wants. Luckily, she picked Dinosaur Train, because I don't like putting the kids to bed together. They share a room and keep each other up.

Maggie's top two favorite rides at Disneyland are Star Tours and Soarin' Over California. She doesn't like the big scary rides, or Pirates, but she likes most everything else. She will even go on Peter Pan now without complaining.

Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and she calls yellow "golden." She doesn't like to wear clothes with buttons on them. She pretends to read certain books that she has memorized (One Hungry Monster, Brown Bear, Mouse Paint). We've started playing "Don't Smile!" a lot because she pretends to be grumpy when she secretly likes something.

We've been going swimming on Sundays after church. She likes to swim around in a floatie and isn't afraid of the water like she used to be. We even got her in the hot tub last week!

M: I know I can do everything by myself. I just know it!

M, after doing zipline: Dad, be brave.

Dalton Boy:
Dalton crying, almost fake crying.
Me: What is it, Dalton? Do you want a drink of water?
Dalton: No. I only crying.
Poor guy was really tired.

What I Love About Disneyland: This morning, when we got off the tram at Downtown Disney, there was a crowd of cast members wearing Mickey gloves lining the sidewalk, waving, high-fiving, and welcoming everyone. Of course, Maggie hung her head in embarrassment and refused to acknowledged anyone, but the rest of us thought it was awesome. This is what I love about Disneyland.

Disneyland isn't just a place to go ride rides. The entire park is an experience. There's always something unexpected or magical that will make the whole day more fun. A marching band being led down Main Street by Mickey Mouse. After tea yoga with the Mad Hatter. Cast members handing out stickers or buttons. "Racing tickets" at Autopia. Hidden Mickeys. Etc. Always something special. I love Disneyland.

The Beach With Sand: Today we went to the beach. We went to the beach on Friday, too, but that was Laguna Beach. I was not impressed. I found out someone from our ward was going to Newport this morning, so we went too and made some friends. The kids had a great time. Even though Maggie insisted she wasn't going to go in the water, but she and Dalton went down and put their toes in a few times. I took advantage of making new friends and asked lots of questions about Kindergarten and various other new things.

After the beach, we went to Target and bought some sand toys. The park near our house also has a small sand area, so they will get a lot of use. Dalton has been carrying his around asking to go back to the beach. Not just any beach. The beach with sand.

New in CA: This morning we spent 2 hours at the church helping set up for a stake Relief Society meeting tonight. The kids had lots of fun in the nursery with some other kids, and I got to meet a few people. I pretty much signed up for everything that came around trying to make some friends. We're doing what it takes!

The kids started swimming lessons on Monday. Maggie whimpered a bit, but was a really good floater on her back. Dalton will NOT float on his back - it takes several people to hold him down - but he didn't mind getting his face dunked. He didn't like it in his eyes, so we're getting him some goggles. Then he should be good!

I've been trying to take them to Disneyland once a week, plus we've been going on Saturdays with John. The kids are so spoiled; on days we don't go, Dalton talks about it all day. He really loves Pirates of the Caribbean and after dragging her on it, Maggie does, too. She hates it when I'm right!

[Comments] (2) Lots of Laughs: My kids are hilarious. I guess I really don't have anything else to blog about. Sorry.

Maggie: It was an accident!
Me: What happened?
Maggie: I was shaking his head-
Me: This does not sound like an accident.

Maggie: Dad, I have a really fun game for you! It's special just for you. You can clean up all the pieces back in the box.

Maggie: You're bothering me. You know what bother means? Bother means I'm going to get mad at you.

"King Maggie saves the day!" The kids say this while jumping off the bean bag chair.

"Whatasmic!" What Maggie calls the Fantasmic song.

Maggie knew that some popsicle sticks have jokes on them. She held a popsicle up to her ear to listen for the joke. Not sure where that came from.

Speaking of jokes, she also laughs before the joke punchline. Ie. "Why did the chicken cross the road?" "hahahahaha!"

"Pirates is my favorite ride now." Even though we dragged her kicking and screaming.

M: "I want to tell you something. I think I do like the farmer's market now." Then she covered her ears so she couldn't hear me laughing and praising her.

"I know exactly how to stop the car. You take your foot off the pedal."

Dalton woke up in the night talking loudly about a Ferris wheel.

Both of the kids have developed an obsession with the color of cars, stemming from John's fancy blue car. Dalton calls brown cars "chocolate" colored.

Dalton is very interested in Pirates. He loves that ride and he asked to see the movie. We watched an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates instead. One of his favorite parts of the ride is the macaw at the front yelling "Yo ho!" Dalton says "no ho!" and he says it loudly, and he says it during Sacrament Meeting.

Here are some older quotes from the kids I found.

6/8: Maggie names her My Little Ponies "My Little Whatever's-on-the-butt" For example, My Little Birthday and My Little Worm.
6/8: I asked Maggie what she learned in Primary and she answered "A Book of Mormon story." When I asked which story she launched into an episode of someone's car breaking down and his phone didn't work and he had to climb the mountain. Finally I said, "did he pray?" "Yes!"
6/10: Maggie calls the bombs in Fruit Ninja "buns."
6/15: Inside the tunnel at Snowbird: "The echo dripped on me!" Also, about the whole day: "It was almost a good idea to go there."

6/11: Dalton, calling out in his sleep: Daddy! I wanna play. (games on the iPhone.
Dalton calls the scroll bar on the computer an "elevator." He's kind of right...

Sibling Rivalry: Today while I was carrying Dalton I got kicked really hard by his brother or sister. You know, the tiny thing that weighs maybe 1 pound. This happened a couple weeks ago when I picked up Maggie, too. It was so pokey I actually checked to see if Maggie was carrying a book! This baby sure is a wiggler.

[Comments] (2) : The missionaries came over for dinner tonight. I made a lot of food and it almost all got eaten! I made wonton sesame chicken salad, potstickers, jasmine rice, and eclair cake. Yum. The kids loved it, and so did the Elders. Maggie begged for cake the entire day.

Also today: the kids had swimming lessons. Maggie cried, but floated on her own for 5 seconds. Dalton did wonderful, but had to cut his lesson short because of a potty accident. Luckily he was wearing a swim diaper and plastic pants, even though he's potty trained.

I also did some sewing, finishing up a Hello Kitty messenger bag for Maggie to use in Kindergarten, and a few little mending projects. I need to replace the lightbulb on my sewing machine; I hope that's possible.

We are really enjoying watching the Olympics. The kids like watching "ballyball" after we told them Rachel was at the men's USA vs. Serbia game. They like the beach volleyball, too. They've watched a lot of swimming, which may have inspired Maggie's willingness to put her face in the water, even though she cries about it, and Dalton's interest in jumping straight into the pool and letting us wait a minute to catch him. And they like "bike race" like Daddy does on Wii Sports Resort.

We bought a digital antenna just for watching the Olympics, but it has the added bonus of also allowing us to watch PBS. Whee!


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