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New in CA: This morning we spent 2 hours at the church helping set up for a stake Relief Society meeting tonight. The kids had lots of fun in the nursery with some other kids, and I got to meet a few people. I pretty much signed up for everything that came around trying to make some friends. We're doing what it takes!

The kids started swimming lessons on Monday. Maggie whimpered a bit, but was a really good floater on her back. Dalton will NOT float on his back - it takes several people to hold him down - but he didn't mind getting his face dunked. He didn't like it in his eyes, so we're getting him some goggles. Then he should be good!

I've been trying to take them to Disneyland once a week, plus we've been going on Saturdays with John. The kids are so spoiled; on days we don't go, Dalton talks about it all day. He really loves Pirates of the Caribbean and after dragging her on it, Maggie does, too. She hates it when I'm right!


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