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[Comments] (2) : The missionaries came over for dinner tonight. I made a lot of food and it almost all got eaten! I made wonton sesame chicken salad, potstickers, jasmine rice, and eclair cake. Yum. The kids loved it, and so did the Elders. Maggie begged for cake the entire day.

Also today: the kids had swimming lessons. Maggie cried, but floated on her own for 5 seconds. Dalton did wonderful, but had to cut his lesson short because of a potty accident. Luckily he was wearing a swim diaper and plastic pants, even though he's potty trained.

I also did some sewing, finishing up a Hello Kitty messenger bag for Maggie to use in Kindergarten, and a few little mending projects. I need to replace the lightbulb on my sewing machine; I hope that's possible.

We are really enjoying watching the Olympics. The kids like watching "ballyball" after we told them Rachel was at the men's USA vs. Serbia game. They like the beach volleyball, too. They've watched a lot of swimming, which may have inspired Maggie's willingness to put her face in the water, even though she cries about it, and Dalton's interest in jumping straight into the pool and letting us wait a minute to catch him. And they like "bike race" like Daddy does on Wii Sports Resort.

We bought a digital antenna just for watching the Olympics, but it has the added bonus of also allowing us to watch PBS. Whee!


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