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: We had an awesome last minute visit from Franco, Jodi and Kyli this week. We went to the beach on Wednesday, walked to the pier, and then went to the pool to wash the sand off and do even more swimming. On Thursday we went to Disneyland. In the morning, I organized Jodi and Franco onto as many adult rides as I could, while watching Kyli. Then, they did lots of family rides after I left to take my kids to swimming lessons.

John was able to take work off on Friday, so we all went to California Adventure. John and Franco made great partners for the rides that were too much for me and Jodi. My kids especially enjoyed watching song/animation clips while waiting for Turtle Talk with Crush. We also went to Dancin' with Disney and Dalton and Kyli danced with King Louie, Captain Hook, Cruella, the Big Bad Wolf and more. Maggie scowled.

And, of course, we got some fun pictures of three cute little cousins. More cousin fun to come! Pat, Shannon, Joel and Leah are coming to visit tomorrow.


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