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Maggie the Great: Something clicked for Maggie after her swimming lesson on Thursday. All of a sudden she wasn't afraid to put her face in the water. She was swimming back and forth in the play area with a kickboard, and then just plain swimming! I took the kids to the pool on Friday, and we went on Sunday as usual, just to make sure. Today she was so excited to show her teacher (she has a different teach on Mondays). Sure enough, she would swim the entire width of the pool, rolling onto her back to breathe, just like she's supposed to.

Miss Maggie skipped level 2 and is now level 3! I've never been so proud of her.

She also enjoyed her first dance class last week. She wanted to go back the next day, but it's only once a week. This class is just three weeks - I wanted to see if she liked it first. I guess she does!

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