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Amazing Target Chadwick: We are working on teaching Maggie her last name before Kindergarten starts. I think she's got it down now, but for a while she would answer "Margaret". She knows her whole name, so once I pointed out I was asking her last name, she was able to figure it out.

She's also learned how to spell it, which means she's ahead of the game on the ch and ck letter combinations (though she can't say "CH" very well).

Yesterday we were playing with ABC stamps and she stamped out her last name. I quizzed her on her names, then asked Dalton. He knows his last name, but when I asked what his middle name was, he answered "Target!"

We never use Dalton's middle name, and we do go to Target a lot, but I realized much later that he was probably trying to say "Margaret."

Five minutes later I informed Dalton he was going to have a haircut and a bath before bed. He responded, "A haircut and a bath? That's amazing!"

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