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[Comments] (2) The End of the World As We Know It: Maggie had her Kindergarten assessment today. She said the teacher just asked her to name letters and to make their sounds, and to sound out a few words (nut, ch, and sh, according to Maggie). The teacher said she did great and knows all her sounds (yes, she does). I hope this means we aren't being sent to another school. I can't believe she is starting school in a week! Dalton won't know what to do with himself.

In "practicing" for her assessment, I made Maggie count to 32. She really gets stuck on 30. The very next day out of nowhere she counted to 132! No idea where she picked that up. Smart girl.

Maggie also had her staples taken out today. She did really well and only screamed for the actual staple removal and a few minutes afterwards. Not that I blame her. I am amazed at how far apart the staple holes are now that her skin has gone back to its correct shape. Yuck. Staple-free Maggie convinced me to go swimming this afternoon. It was significantly less crowded than previous days we've gone in the afternoon. Summer must be ending.

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Posted by Mom at Fri Aug 31 2012 09:17

Will she have all-day kindergarten?

Posted by Susie at Fri Aug 31 2012 17:59

No, I don't know what schedule she has yet but I'm hoping for 10:15-1:45. They don't do all-day in public school here.


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