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[Comments] (1) 31: Apparently, I was born screaming. 31 years ago. Today Dalton started "ark class". It's just a little messy toddlers class. They set up a variety of activities such as rice box, stamps, painting with toy cars, etc. He loved it and I had fun, too. Afterwards, we went to Baskin Robbins to get my free ice cream cone, just because it was ironic (31 flavors).

We also went to Disneyland for our 31st visit (with our current annual passes) but that was more fortuitous than ironic. Or maybe not. The kids melted down on the way back to the car.

John bought me some yummy fall flavors of soap and lotion. He also got some magnetic boards for our kitchen, AND hung them up while I was at art class with Dalton. All in all, a good day that would have been great if John were feeling better. Poor, poor thing.


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