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[No comments] A Bad News Sandwich: Dalton made up some poignant and fitting words to I am a Child of God as he sang. "Don't forget me. I can't go home without you."

The contacts on my phone mysteriously disappeared. I looked for a delete all button and couldn't see one so I don't know how it happened. But the disappearance of two Angry Birds apps on the iPad was not mysterious and was in fact accompanied by much screaming, crying, and yelling (respectively) and a time out and two days of no iPad for Dalton. It was actually nice to see him play with toys for a change.

The other night, Dalton prayed about not getting a piggy back ride. What!? We can't have that. I put Sienna in bed and went back in the kids' room to surprise him with a quick ride. He was thrilled. "I love you forever and ever, Mommy." I love you, too, sweet boy.

At Disneyland this week, Dalton made friends with two Chinese girls. He narrated Pirates for them which, other than being cute, was useless as I only heard them say seven words in English: be careful, the end, thank you and picture? Picture? Of course! They seemed really surprised I let them. On the tram, he deliberately cuted at two more Chinese girls across from us. What a flirt.

And from a recent Facebook status: Dalton, I love that you're friendly, but I'm going to draw the line at playing Angry Birds on a stranger's phone at the park.

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