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[No comments] Teamwork: I was amazed at our family getting ready this morning. I'd say I don't know how single parents do it, but I manage to do the bedtime thing without John when he is working. Maggie is a huge help in this area.

This morning, I took Maggie into her room so she wouldn't wake up Dalton (who was in our bed). John played iPad with Dalton when he woke up, and Maggie joined them. I fed Sienna. John took a shower then entertained Sienna while I got the kids dressed and fed and unloaded the dishwasher. I took a shower and fed Sienna again while John played with the kids and got the diaper bag ready. Somewhere in there we both practiced the piano.

I guess it's not as complicated as it seemed at the time. We made it to church nice and early, since I was playing the organ. John went home to get his tie (oops) and Sienna proceeded to grump most the rest of the day until we finally got her in bed at 6:30. Except for a random 45 minutes she sat contentedly on Amy's lap. Hmm.

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