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[No comments] Missionary Work: Our ward has been harping on the 2013 mission plan. Whatever. The Elders like to stop by occasionally. We are boring and usually let them in to talk. We asked the Elders in one of their pop-in visits if there were any neighbors in our ward and they gave us a couple names. So, the kids made some Valentines and we delivered them. We had a nice talk with a single guy. The older couple wasn't home.

I was really surprised when the Elders stopped by today. Not surprised that they stopped by, though Sienna was crying and I was making dinner and I didn't let them in. But surprised that they came to tell us that the couple in our neighborhood was at church today! Since I was playing the organ and my name was in the program, they even asked if that was me, their neighbor who had left treats and kid-made Valentines because John has brilliant ideas like that (it was). Hurray!

I took Maggie with me to visit/meet a girl I visit teach. She has a daughter Maggie's age and a baby just a couple days older than Sienna. We took them some chocolate-caramel covered pretzels. I hope she comes to park day (or, you know, church) because more friends is fun.

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