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[No comments] Best IKEA Trip Ever: Our crystal dishes have started breaking in the microwave (oops!) so that finally sent me to IKEA to pick up some things that have been on my list a long time. Long enough that Dalton is finally tall enough for the play place! He was sooo excited to go with his big sister. I was surprised how not-crowded it was for a Tuesday and wondered if they had stopped doing free kid's meals on Tuesdays, but they still do.

Sienna took a nap and the kids played while I shopped. It turned out to be cheaper to buy an entirely new set of dishes than to buy individual plates to match the bowls I bought a while ago. I also bought a giant bag for beach stuff, a shelf for the kids' room (for Maggie's clothes), and a little tea strainer for John's apple cider.

I picked the kids up and we ate lunch. The only downside to this event is that they stopped carrying root beer. Sad. The kids played in the two other play areas while I fed Sienna, then we went home in very little traffic, Dalton bragging about his first time in the play place the whole way.

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