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[No comments] Round Trip: Today we went to Disneyland. (hah! No, we really did! Seriously! Only the 62nd time on these passes. Gah.) Anyway. Yes. It was lots of fun. We got some awesome pictures with Star Wars characters. Maggie and I went on Space Mountain together. I couldn't believe it when I realized she had her hands up! Crazy girl. She is so big. I think I might cry when she turns 6 in ONE WEEK.

Speaking of Maggie turning six, we are having a Lego birthday party for her. I'm not going all out like I've done in the past. I don't want to be overwhelmed, so I'm keeping it simple. We made Lego invites, and we're making Lego plates and a Lego cake. I ordered little Lego sets for each kid, and Maggie wanted to do Lego coloring pages. That's it.

Sienna was great. She was up most of the day, though she slept nearly all day Thursday. Crazy Girl #2. She slept over 12 hours last night, because I didn't wake her up around 10 like I usually do. She was interested in the rides, scoping out heffalumps and woozles and twirling in tea cups.

Guess I'd better write about Dalton. We are putting effort into nighttime potty training, with a pair of Angry Birds pajamas on deck as a reward. The kids are obsessed with Angry Birds. All Maggie wants for her birthday is an Angry Birds t-shirt. We couldn't find a cute one, so she is getting PJs too, instead.

So, if you want to get Maggie a gift for her birthday, I recommend an iTunes gift card. Because they've beaten every Angry Birds level and it's time to move on.

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