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[No comments] Early Bird Day: Maggie was on the early bird schedule today because the school was doing a jog-a-thon fundraiser. Ironically, we were not very early birds this morning. John woke Maggie up and took her to school at 8:15. Dalton and I snuggled in bed, and once Sienna got up, we headed over to the jog-a-thon to cheer Maggie on. I didn't realize this was a big thing, but apparently it was. So I'm glad I decided (at 5 am when I was up with Sienna) to go.

I had to park down the street at the park. So we walked to school while I nursed Sienna and Dalton ate his breakfast of fruit snacks, wearing Maggie's My Little Pony jacket from the car. Don't judge. Right after we got there they announced only 5 minutes of running left. Maggie ran 37 laps on the little track they had made. Her face was pink, but she was proud of herself. Afterwards, the kids had popsicles and I chatted with some moms. Then we walked back to the car.

We did a quick grocery shopping trip after this. In fact, we got home from the grocery store at the same time I normally get home taking Maggie to school. Since we were only getting a few things I let Dalton get a little "Dalton-sized" grocery cart. He loved pushing it around.

I fed Sienna again and made lunch and got half of dinner ready. Then we picked up Maggie at school and headed to Disneyland. I wanted to take advantage of the early day to have more time there on a weekday. We had a good time. Small World was open again, and we also got to attend the Annual Passport preview of the new Princess Fantasy Faire thingy. We waited in line a few minutes to see Ariel, Aurora and Cinderella, then we sat in the theater and ate lunch and saw Belle and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Ariel asked Maggie what her favorite part of her ride was. "What's your favorite part?" is Maggie's favorite question, so I laughed out loud when she said this.

Then we came home and had a delicious salad for dinner and Mickey cake pops for dessert.

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